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June 14 2006

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements


Social Announcements

Don Johnson reminded us of the upcoming June 28 golf tournament. Bring prizes for the next meeting if you have not done so yet. Dale Grant confirmed that there will be free parking at the hotel while we are golfing.

General Announcements

Nicola Lawson made page 69 of \"Flavours\" magazine .. including a few of her recipes.

Lyle Burkell announced that Saskatoon Funeral Home is sponsoring a special memorial at Woodlawn Cemetery on June 24th for those who have suffered the loss of a young child in the past several years.

Sharon Kaendo announced some island travel specials.

Saskatoon received an award in the maritimes for Best News Website of the Year.

Speaker | Suzanne Pascal | SaskTel Jazz Festival

Suzanne is the Sponsorship and Marketing Director of the Sasktel Jazz Festival. Suzanne started her presentation with a thumb snapping rendition of Fever.

Our Jazz Festival is the only province wide festival in Canada. It started in 1982 as a 3 day festival and has grown to be a week long event. The only Jazz Festival larger than us in Western Canada is Vancouver and we are the 5th largest in Canada.

One of this year\'s featured artists is Little Richard who rarely tours any more. Four artists are sold out already. Don\'t forget about the free stage.

SaskTel, TD Canada Trust, Jubilee Ford and Logomotion from our breakfast club are all sponsors of the festival.

Suzanne had some prize giveaways.

Sergeant at Arms

Lyle Bauer had Fine Fever today.

Hidden Hand


Pot of Gold Winner

Randy Shinkel

Other Business


Next Meeting

2006-06-28 (7:22 a.m.)

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