News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

May 24 2006

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements


Social Announcements

Don Johnson encouraged members to sign up for our upcoming golf tournament and to bring prizes to our next meeting. The golf event will take place on Wednesday June 28 2006.

General Announcements

Milt Taylor and Sharon Kaendo encouraged members to attend th upcoming Jazz Festival.

Jack Rudolph invited members to visit his store for Fathers Day gifts.

Speaker | Murray Sadownick | Saskatoon Willows Golf Course

Murray is the Manager of the Saskatoon Willows Golf Club. He spoke to us about the ongoing housing development at the Willows. The development surrounding the golf course is owned by Dundee Developments. There are a number of new lots still for sale and there are a number of families who have already moved into their new homes.

In order to facilitate the development it was necessary to build 5 new holes. Murray mentioned that some people have concerns about placing a home near a hole. However he states that the Willows is setting homes back further than the norm. Canadian building codes or bylaws require that homes are set back further than centres in the USA. Murray feels that the new holes will all be interesting and challenging.

Single family dwellings in this area are priced at over $700,000.00 but they are built to a standard and with finishings that are much higher than the usual.

Murray says that the name Xena for one part of their course came from the fact that it is the name of the hometown of the original developer, Reg Schaeffer.

Sergeant at Arms

Lyle Bauer made the usual wisecracks and fines.

Hidden Hand

Bryan Cornforth levied 4 fines.

Pot of Gold Winner

Greg White

Other Business


Next Meeting

2006-06-14 (7:22 a.m.)

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