News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

February 22 2006

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Sharon thanked Mike and Nicola for organizing a great Supper & Jazz Evening Social at Beily's last evening.

Social Announcements

No announcements

General Announcements

Dwight Buchholz announced a Junior Achievement function and had a handout page on each breakfast table.

Mike Jenkins reminded us of Saturday's upcoming Blades hockey game aginst the Prince Albert Raiders.

Speaker | Jack Rudolph | Squire Shop Man Sized Mens Wear

Jack has been with the club for about 18 years. He has been in the clothing industry for the past 32 years. They do not specialized in designer name labels. Rather they prefer to carry proven reliable Canadian made products.

There is a resurgence of traditional tailored dress clothing in the workplace. We are now back to the suit levels that we had in the 1980's. Striped products are strong and some window pane patterns to a lesser degree are back. Olives are out. Strong reds, bright oranges, apple greens and brighter colours are in. Fabrics made from a bamboo product are new and similar to the feel of silk. Wools and microfibres are still popular. Young people want higher quality clothing. Turtle necks are not popular but mock and crew necks are popular for more casual dress.

Jack says that Chinese manufacturers are posing a big threat for western companies. Their quality has improved vastly and the price is half the cost of a Canadian made suit. However, Jack states that it is tough to beat the quality and durability of a Canadian made garment and our clothing products are well respected in other countries.

Jack gave everyone a new garment bag. Thanks Jack!

Sergeant at Arms

Lyle Bauer fined early departers, a table of men only, Don, Cheryl and Keith

Hidden Hand

Clint Thomas shook everyone's hand

Pot of Gold Winner

Keith Moen

Other Business


Next Meeting

2006-03-08 (7:22 a.m.)

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