News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

February 08 2006

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Alex Black and Laura Dutka from Paramount Day Spa attended today's meeting. Alex will be the new Paramount's new representative in the club.

Welcome Darren McDonald of as our newest club member.

Social Announcements

Mike reminded everyone about a new club social on February 21 at Beily's. We will be ordering off the menu. Beily's will be making it a Jazz Night. Spouses and guests are welcome. See the social page on the club website.

General Announcements

Nicola Lawson and PickNic's is offering a special Dinner in a Box for the Days bforexand including Valentines Day. It is a gourmet supper that you can order and take home. Call early to place your order. Nicola also had a draw for some give-aways. Claude Marcotte and Ken Suchan were the winners.

Speaker | Lyle Burkell | Saskatoon Funeral Home

Lyle has been in the 7:22 Breakfast Club for approximately 15 years. Saskatoon Funeral Home has been in business since 1910. They are owned by the Edwards family.

The Edward Centre is a property operated by Saskatoon Funeral Home. It allows families to use it for lunches after funerals when, for example, a church facility is not available. It is also used by various charitable organizations.

In addition to traditional burial and cremation services, Saskatoon Funeral Home now operates a pet crematorium service. They started this branch of their business in Sptember of 2005 to fill a need in the city.

Lyle and his wife will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this year. Thanks to Lyle for agreeing to speak on less than a moment's notice as Sharon was sick and unable to attend.

Sergeant at Arms

Lyle Bauer handed out several fines.

Hidden Hand

Dennis Bellamy again!

Pot of Gold Winner

Ken Suchan

Other Business


Next Meeting

2006-02-22 (7:22 a.m.)

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