News - Meetings of 7:22 Breakfast Club

December 14 2005

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Clarene Munchinsky chaired today's meeting.

Scott Mamer indicated that this was our 3rd and final reading for Bill Daneluik of Rock 102 Radio and Jeff Sharp of Colony Coffee. They will soon be full members of the club.

Social Announcements

Mike Jenkins reminded us that our Christmas Luncheon is next week on Wednesday December 21st. It starts at 11:45 a.m. There is no morning meeting. Attendance at the luncheon is complimentary for members and $20 for guests. However, you must sign up prior to then to attend. If you have not signed up yet, please contact Mike to have your name added. The hotel will provide free underground parking for the luncheon. The speaker at the luncheon will be Brent Louks of CKOM. For further details, visit the social page via the above link.

General Announcements

Milt Taylor of Imagery announced a special photographic services promotion.

Mike Jenkins of the Blades reminded everyone of upcoming games and ticket gift packs.

Karen Birns of Lloyd's Office Supplies handed out a price list for everyone's information.

Speaker | Katherine Walter | Sales Manager with SaskTel

Kathy spoke about SaskTel and the ever changing face and growth of wireless communications services in Saskatchewan. Sasktel services cover 95% of the province. They provide voice and wireless data services. Services can be prepaid or billed monthly. Prepaid plans were previously quite limited but now you can use it elsewhere in Canada when you could not before. You can also get voicemail and caller id display now on prepaid services.

There are also many other recent or upcoming changes with SaskTel Mobility Services. Kathy gave many examples. For monthly billed services in 2006 you will be able to have multiple phones on one plan and pool your time between those phones. SaskTel will also be expanding their areas of coverage in 2006. For around $5.00 per month you can get a text messaging package and avoid long distance costs. EVDO is coming next year. It is a wireless PC card that gives you high speed wireless services for your laptop. Blackberry units can be plugged into your PC and you can use the Blackberry as a modem. LoadTrack is a new tracking service for the transport industry. Trucks can be tracked and a company can tell instantly where the closest unit is when services are required. 10-4 services are also new. They provide cellular or services that work in a manner similar to 2 way radio services where you take turns talking and push a button to talk. Camera phones are now coming with memory cards for video storage. Cellular phones are also available with mp3 players and bluetooth compatible phones can be operated with bluetooth headsets to eliminate wires. Picture and video messaging units will be coming soon as well as world phones operating on all the different protocols so you can use your phone in any country around the world. Number portability will soon be coming to Saskatchewan in the end of 2007.

Kathy had 3 door prizes. They went to Milt Taylor, Don Klassen and Keith Moen.

Sergeant at Arms

Milt Taylor gave several fines. Money collected from Hidden Hand and Sergeant at Arms fines will be donated to a charity at our Christmas Luncheon.

Hidden Hand

Ed Herbert did not levy any fines because everyone shook his hand this morning.

Pot of Gold Winner

Dennis Bellamy.

722 Dollars Draw

Claude Marcotte.

Next Meeting

2005-12-21 (7:22 a.m.)

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