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September 14 2005

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Please remember to sign up for the 722 Club Fall Gala on Friday September 30 2005. Admission is $25.00 per person. Fore more details, contact Mike Jenkins or Debbie Oliver.

Our Fall Golf Tournament is today, Wednesday September 14th at the Willows.

Scott Mamer announced to us tht we have received 2 applications for membership with the Club:

  • Bryan Cornforth - LogoMotion Promotional Products, proposed by Cheryl Tuck-Talon
  • Claude Marcotte ?

    Social Announcements

    Fall Gala on Friday September 30 2005

    Fall Golf Tournament on Wednesday September 14th at the Willows.

    General Announcements

    Milt reminded members if you want a family portrait, book now before the weather deteriorates too much.

    Len Romanski thanked those who participated advertising in the recent newspaper article about Foster Shoes.

    Speaker | Cheryl Tuck Talon | T2 Solutions

    Cheryl has been a member of the 722 Club since approximately 2000. She is a hockey fan (guess why). She is also a member of the Rotary Club.

    Cheryl is a business consultant who markets Group Benefit Plans. Her company's name is T2 Solutions Inc. Instead of being a generalist in many fields, she has specialized in this area alone. Over the last year she became an independent agent working on her own.

    Cheryl says that a group plan costs employers between 3-5% of their payroll. More often than not, workers do not appreciate the expense the employer is paying for this. Part of the problem is that employers do not do a good job informing employees about the benefits they are receiving. Cheryl says many eployers do not consider the legal liability they can incur if thy don't follow up consistently and ensure all policy information is up to date with the insurer.

    Cheryl also says that many claims are being paid out of insurance when they should have been referred to Workers Compensation or CPP. This drives up premiums unnecessarily. Employers need to monitor claims experience to ensure that it is being used only for proper purposes to avoid unnecessary premium hikes. An employer should design their plan so you are not as vulnerable to people who do not intend to stay with you yet will use your plan to the max for the short while they will be there.

    Cheryl can also control the level of consultant commission being charged to your plan. If you want, she can help structure your plan so you pay for a single employee and if the employee wants the extra coverage for their family the employee pays the extra cost. Then the employees are all treated the same. Otherwise, an employee without a family receives less benefits than an employee with a large family, for no logical reason. Another consideration is to make an employee wait for a number of months after they start working before certain addional benefits come into effect. Then there is more appreciation for the expense the employer has gone to.

    Cheryl says she can create a plan for any size of business ... even a group of one.

    Thanks for the presentation, Cheryl!

    Sergeant at Arms

    Sergeant at Arms. Milt fined himself for being late, Don, Clarence, Sue, Keith, Sharon, Vern, Mike, Pete and Cheryl.

    Hidden Hand

    Sharon Kaendo.

    Pot of Gold Winner

    Pot of Gold was won by Pete Thompson

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