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April 13 2005

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

A 2nd reading was held for Kurt Stuckel of Canarama Chiropractic towards becoming our club's newest member.

Mike Jenkins asked members if they are collecting Great Western 12 pack labels. We need well over 100 to book a night at the Great West Brewing hospitality room.

We recently received a letter of resignation from Grant Sinclair of Lightbulb Warehouse. In his letter, Grant also thanked all members for their friendship and patronage over the years.

Social Announcements


General Announcements

Congratulations to Karen Birns who had a baby 7 days ago. She brought him along to introduce him to the members.

Candace Duval from Central Quality Flooring introduced herself ... one of their specialties is ceramic work as the two owners are former tile setters.

Len Romanski showed us information about their new custom foot scanner to help people with special foot problems.

Speaker | Murray Gould | Family Cleaners

Murray and his wife have been the owners of this business since September of 2004. Prior to that Murray had worked with his brother's dry cleaning business so he has many years of experience. Murray has been married since 1984 and he has 2 children. Their specialty is disaster restoration of smoke damaged clothing. They do a lot of this for clients in other cities or towns. This makes up about 60% of their work. They currently offer free pickup and delivery. Murray mentioned how strict environmental regulations are now for accounting to regulatory bodies for proper receipt and disposal of cleaning materials.

Cheryl Tuck Talon complimented Murray on their excellent dry cleaning work and for their free minor repairs that they perform for their customers.

Murray held a draw to give away some complimentary ball caps. They went to Vern Reimer, Mike Jenkins, Keith Moen and Clint Thomas.

Sergeant at Arms

Jack fined many people, including Vern Reimer just to cool off his winning streak from this morning.

Hidden Hand

Dennis Bellamy

Pot of Gold Winner

Lyle Bauer

722 Dollar Draw

Today's Draw for 722 Dollars ($20.00) went to Vern Reimer.

Next Meeting

2005-04-27 (7:22 a.m.)

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