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March 23 2005

Submitted by Rick Carlson

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General Announcements

Perry at Coast Wholesale Appliance announced that they are now moved into their new location at 2345 Millar Ave Saskatoon ... only about a block away from their former location.

Dwight announced a luncheon for the Junior Achievement Club and encouraged people to attend.

Speaker | Don Ravis | Canadian Forces Liason Council

Don came to speak to us today about the Canadian Forces Liason Council. Don says that 20-25 years ago the Canadian Armed Forces had about 95,000 regular members but today it has shrunk to around 60,000 regular force members (not including reserves). Reserves play a vital link to the community today now that regular force numbers are down. Approximately 13% of the Canadian peace keeping forces in Bosnia were reserve members. Reservists train twice per week and typically train for one additional week each year. In Saskatchewan there are probably only 600-800 reserve members in Saskatchewan.

Sergeant at Arms

Fines from Jack went out to Dale Grant and Vic Boryski.

Hidden Hand


Pot of Gold Winner

Victor Boryski

722 Dollar Draw

Today's Draw for 722 Dollars ($20.00) went to Rick Wrubleski.

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2005-04-13 (7:22 a.m.)

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