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January 12 2005

Submitted by Rick Carlson

Executive Announcements

Annual Dues time is here again.

Our treasurer, Dale Grant, passed out statements for 2005 membership dues. Members can either pay their annual dues in full this month or pay an amount which is a little more than half by January 31st and the balance by July 31st.

Social Announcements


General Announcements

Jack Rudolph announced that January 13th is the first day of their Man Sized Mens Wear sale.

Sharon Kaendo invited members to call her for information about vacation packages. There are also some Air Canada sales coming up.

Speaker | Lyle Burkell | Saskatoon Funeral Home

Saskatoon Funeral Home has been a business since 1910. They have several funeral homes in Saskatchewan and also the Prairie View Chapel crematorium.

Lyle mentioned that the funeral services industry has gone through a lot of changes over the last several years. Large corporations are buying homes. There are new companies offering low cost - low service products. Another change relates to globalization of the family everywhere. Prepaid funerals are now more common than they were 10 years ago since families are spread over greater distances and people recognize that they must pre-plan a certain part of their own inevitable funeral. Cremations are more popular than they were years ago for various reasons including the fact that costs are lower and they are more environmentally friendly.

Thanks to Lyle for speaking to us on such short notice.

Sergeant at Arms

Milt Taylor fined Dave Folk, Don Johnson, Sharon Kaendo and Ian Mercer.

Hidden Hand

None today but we will have someone appointed for the next meeting.

Pot of Gold Winner

Pete Thompson

Other Business


Next Meeting

2005-01-26 (7:22 a.m.)

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