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February 13 2019

Submitted by Cheryl Tuck-Tallon

Executive Announcements

April 13/19 35th anniversary celebration.  more to come.

AGM is next meeting - no guests.

Social Announcements

General Announcements

Hanif Hemani – Red Cross Humanity Awards Luncheon on April 17 11:30-1:00 recognizing Elaine and Peter Zakreski and Young Humanitarian Kayla Brien

Mike Jenkins – Men’s Huskie Hockey are #1 in Canada West, Huskie Basketball both Men and Women’s teams are in the playoffs, Women’s Hockey game Friday Feb 15th vs. Mount Royal Cougars at 7:00 Mike will be sending out an invite to 7:22 members to attend the game free of charge. 

Helen Perry-Raycraft – Brigadiere Security has a February special $0 for the first year.

Keith Moen – NSBA Luncheon Series Feb 14th 11:30-1:00 featuring Tribal Chief Mark Arcand from Saskatoon Tribal Council


Speaker | Troy Cooper - Chief Saskatoon Police Service

Chief Cooper applied for Saskatoon as he believed it was the Gold Standard of Policing.

Started in PA, and was part of the integrated drug unit.

Saskatoon has 465 sworn officers 24% women, 201 civilians and 176 vehicles.

Also Gold standard in community involvement.

Saskatoon has an excellent record of Professional Policing. 

Only air support in the province.

On site psychologist, on site wellness worker.  Silver medal LEEDS building.

Full service tactical Support unil

94.6 mil net budget - 79.7% is salaries

Crystal Meth is a serious probelm - mental health and crime issues related.

City Growth has been strong but size of police force has not kept up.

New crimes such as tech fraud, cannibus and support has not been kept up.


Sergeant at Arms

Fines went to Shawne Hancock, Andrew Boryski, Hanif Hemani, Angela Rioux, Keith Moen, Pam Jackson, Helen Perry Raycraft.

Hidden Hand

HIdden Hand gave everyone a wave.

Pot of Gold Winner

Jeff Sharp - bottle of wine just in time for date night on Valentines day.

remember next meeting Feb 27 is are AGM and no guests.

Next Meeting

2019-02-27 (7:22 a.m.)

January 23 2019

Submitted by Cheryl Tuck-Tallon

Executive Announcements

Brenda Thompson - nex meeting is SPS Chief Troy Cooper - good atendance would be great!

                           - she is also looking for speakers



Social Announcements

Presidents Bowling event Feb 8th.  

35th Anniversary is April 13

General Announcements

Keith Moen - NSBA now taking Business Builders Awards Nominations, Feb 14 Luncheon- Mark Arcand is speaking

Pam Jackson  SWF Jan 25 dinner

Speaker | Steve Hogle

Steve is very proud of his Blades players and outlined some of he acccomplishments such as Kirby Dack 2nd in Rankings and heading to Top Prospects Game.

He showed us a community impact video - very well done.  

Sergeant at Arms

Our new sergeant is a gentle soul and only got the late comers. We fear this will change!

Hidden Hand

Perry from Coast Wholesale Appliances fined Pam and Ryan.

Pot of Gold Winner

Pot of Gold Winner - Brenda, Addison and Great White - thanks Steve for the Blades items.

sorry folks I didn't get this out earlier.  I was hiding from the cold in Puerto Vallarta!

Next Meeting

2019-02-13 (7:22 a.m.)

January 09 2019

Submitted by Cheryl Tuck-Tallon

Executive Announcements

Membership Drive has been extended to Mar 31, 2019

35th Anniversary party tentative for April 13th.

Social Announcements

Bowling postponed for now.

Sasktel is hosting at the Blades Game Jan 25th.  Let Giselle know if you need tickets.

Superheros Game at Blades Game Jan 18th and club will be recognized as a contributer to the community.

General Announcements

Wild Game Dinner is upcoming

Black Spruce Gallery is now moving to Waskesiu under new management. Cheryl invites members to drop into her studio at 2510 Jasper AVe.

Greg of McFaull Consulting invited members to drop into their office to have a visit.


Speaker | Shawne Hancock Pres. Address

Shawne commended the club for successes in the past and challenged each of us to consciously promote each other and the club.  "Kick it up a Notch"  We can all help to grow each other's business.

Sergeant at Arms

Justin Anderson - not bad for a Rookie in the position. Got lots of sinners. Even Steve with "Bowling Shoe " tax.

Hidden Hand

Pot of Gold Winner

Matt Smallwood won a wine gift.

Next Meeting

2019-01-23 (7:22 a.m.)

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