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Advanced Labour Relations

With an extensive reputation as a skilled negotiator, trainer, speaker, manager, Don wears several hats at Advanced Labour Solutions. Don has developed some industry-leading Human Resource and Staff Development Programs, an area so important to any business' future profit potential. A highly-skilled trainer, he is able to train all levels of personnel. The key priorities include a staff appraisal systems for business, management and team assessment and development plans and programs.

Don has also developed a succession planning program which will ensure development potential for management staff to enable business to fulfill all future needs. In addition to training, Don is responsible for developing and implementing innovative, progressive and realistic personnel policies and procedures for our clients that will not only keep abreast of legislation, but be on the leading-edge of the industry, a majour criteria for staff retention and development.

With excellent team-building skills, strong financial management experience and a similar unique sense of humour, Don works effectively as a liaison between clients and the employees, managers. Our proprietary Team Building Strategic Planning Program has helped many companies to over come the road blocks perceived by line managers.


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