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We at Foster's Shoes are trained to recognize foot problems & deal with prescriptions for weak or fallen arches, heel spurs and more!

Service and Products

  • Comfort shoes for all walks of life (dress, duty & service, Industrial)
  • Athletic shoes/runners, clogs, sandals, winter boots
  • Specializing in hard-to-fit-feet
  • Complete sizes and widths for perfect fit
  • (sizes 3 to 20, AA TO EEEEEE)
  • Medically designed lasts for contoured comfort with high toe boxes
  • Equipped with orthopedic workshop for modifications & repair
  • Foot care products and custom fitted supports.
  • Foot and Ankle, Sports Medicine Products
  • Compression Stockings and Specialty Socks
  • Product information on "Care of Diabetic/Arthritic Foot"
  • Industrial Steel-Toe Footwear in multiple widths for men and women

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    818 Broadway Ave
    Saskatoon Saskatchewan

    Telephone & Fax

    Bus Tel: (306) 653-1155
    Fax: None

    Alternate: Hilda Romanski

    Email & Website

    E mail: lromanski[at]sasktel.net