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Seth Hooper - Auto Sales

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Ens Toyota

I have been working in the automotive industry as a Product Advisor since February/2011.
I worked at Meidl Honda for my first 4 years, then started at Ens Toyota; my current employer
in January of 2015.

I have a beautiful fiancé, a 12 year old son and 8 year old step son. I am very lucky to have them
in my life.  My position in the auto industry is ever changing. As of November 2018 I became the Online Sales Consultant and Renewal Specialist. This was a brand new position at our dealership which includes the following:

-New car internet leads
-Digital chats
-Digital texts
-Also responding to Facebook/Google inquiries

As a Renewal Specialist:
I make sure our customers are kept aware of where they are in their lease or finance contracts.

Helping our sales team keep in touch with their customers. I provide them with detailed reports
on their upcoming lease due dates 3, 6 and12 months out so they can be contacted and we can
retain their business using this proactive approach monthly. I am always looking for ways to get
ahead of the game keeping in mind that this process changes rapidly and what worked yesterday
may not work today.

I am still a Product Advisor however the way I do business has now changed from customers
who previously walked in the door to making all new customer connections digital. These new
customers are now enabled to shop digitally getting rapid responses to inquiries on vehicles. I
have now adapted to our new market and am finding new ways to navigate this everyday.

To sum things up, I love what I do!

It’s long hours and the work never stops with my position.

But I wouldn’t trade it for any other career!


627 Brand Court
Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7J 5L3

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