Our Executive Effective January 1 2019

Untitled Document President: Shawne Hancock
Past President: Steve Hogle
Vice-President: Hanif Hemani
Treasurer: Tyler Frank
Secretary: Brenda Thomsen
Membership: Pam Jackson
Membership, Assisting: Milton Taylor
Social: Giselle Howard
Social, Assisting: Darlene Danyliw
Golf Coordinator: Hanif Hemani
Golf Assisting: John Ross
Sargent at Arms: Justin Anderson
Sargent at Arms, Assisting: Martin Schweighardt
Website Minutes: Cheryl Tuck-Tallon w/ Lyle Bauer as backup
Website Content: Martin Schweighardt
Website Design & Programming: Rick Carlson
In effect until December 31, 2019

Inviting Guests

Our club promotes new memberships. A member may invite a prospective member to a Breakfast Meeting to see if they are interested in joining. The cost of the prospective member's first breakfast will be subsidized by the club.

Jack Rudolph Award

Our "Jack Rudolph Member of the Year" award is named in memory and honour of our dear friend and long-time club member, Jack Rudolph, who passed away in 2012. The winner is announced at our annual Christmas Luncheon. Nominations typically close the 1st week of December. Previous recipients include Rick Carlson (2017), Jeff Sharp (2016), Lyle Bauer (2013), Lyle Burkell (2012), Jack Rudolph (2011), Milt Taylor (2010), Sharon Kaendo (2009), Greg White (2008), Rick Carlson (2007), Ken Suchan (2006), Don Johnson (2005).

Club Bylaws & Policies

Our Club Bylaws can be retrieved if you Click Here.
Our Policies and Procedures Statement is available if you Click Here.

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